A research project by Franz Eder and Stefan Ossmann

Goal: Researching similarities and differences of self-perception and media representation of polyamorous living persons in regards to emotional and sexual history, affiliation with the LGBT-community, social acceptance and the urge of legal and religious recognition.

Project duration: 1st of February 2016 until 31st of August 2019. Six month extention until 29th of February 2020 by a Literar doctoral scholarship. Completion scholarship for the PhD thesis by the University of Vienna from 1st September 2020 to 28th of February 2021.

Funding: The Austrian Science Funds (FWF stand-alone project). Literar Mechana collecting society.


Current news

Stefan Ossmann got interviewed for the Austrian TV magazine Puls 4. He gave an expert interview for the series Café Puls - das Magazin on polyamorous parenting. Also interviewed got Ian Jerkins, author of the book 'Three dads and a baby', where he writes about the legal registration of his child by three parents - the first of its kind in the USA.


Stefan Ossmann published in the Open-Access-Journal 'Proceedings of Science' an article titling 'What's love (not) got to do with it. How to pair sexuality- and relationship research with Citizen Science'.

The whole article can be downloaded for free here (Open Access), here the link to the whole issue of the journal.

To quote: Ossmann, Stefan F. (2021). What’s love (not) got to do with it. How to pair sexuality-and relationship research with citizen science. Proceedings of Science, ACSC2020(003), 1-5. Retrieved from pos.sissa.it/393/003/pdf


Current Publication

Ossmann, Stefan F. (2020). Introducing the new kid on the block: Polyamory. In Z. Davy, A. C. Santos, C. Bertone, R. Thoreson & S. Wieringa The SAGE handbook of global sexualities (Vol. 1, pp. 363-385). 55 City Road, London: SAGE Publications Ltd doi: 10.4135/9781529714364.n17

--> currently available in print only, for orders please see this link. It contains the theoretical approach of categorising polyamory and delivers a so far not existing definition of the term ('Polyamory is a consensual relationship between more than two people based on emotional love and intimate acts over a longer period of time', see page 363 and 377). 


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