SAGE Handbook of global sexualities - Chapter 16: Introducing the new kid on the block: Polyamory

Stefan Ossmann wrote the article on polyamory in the 'SAGE handbook of global sexualties', titling: 'Introducing the new kid on the block: Polyamory'

It contains the theoretical approach of categorising polyamory (based on a speech of Christan Klesse in 2016: Practice / relationship model / love style / relationship philosophy / contested discourse / socio-sexual identity / sexual orientation) and delivers a so far not existing definition of the term ('Polyamory is a consensual relationship between more than two people based on emotional love and intimate acts over a longer period of time', see page 363 and 377). It is currently (05/2020) available in print only. 

To quote the article: Ossmann, Stefan F. (2020). Introducing the new kid on the block: Polyamory. In Z. Davy, A. C. Santos, C. Bertone, R. Thoreson & S. Wieringa The SAGE handbook of global sexualities (Vol. 1, pp. 363-385). London: SAGE Publications. doi: 10.4135/9781529714364.n17

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