Head of project

Franz X. Eder

Room: O2.34  (main building, staircase VI)

Telephone: +43 1 4277 - 41321

Office hours: Wed. 13:00 - 14:00
Email: franz.eder@univie.ac.at

Speaker for the research area on  Economy and Society from a Historic Cultural Science Perspective

Education and experience

Selected publications

Project staff

Stefan F. Ossmann

Room: ZG, 102.26 (Main Building, staircase VI, 2nd floor)
Telephone: +43 1 4277 - 41362

Education and experience

  • 1997 diploma college photography (Graphische Vienna)
  • 2011 Bachelor Communication Science (University of Vienna)
  • 2011 Individual master Development Studies (University of Vienna)
  • 2012 Master Communication Science (University of Vienna)
  • 2022 PhD Social Sciences (University of Vienna)

Area of research

  • Polyamory (multiple emotional and sexual relationships with informed and consensual partners)

Externally funded projects


Projekt partner

Prof. Dr. Josef Christian Aigner

Josef Christian Aigner: Professor at the Institute of Psychosocial Intervention and Communications Research at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Aigner researches on relationships of all kinds by psychological aspects and teaches (amongst related topics) sexual science by an interdisciplinary approach.

Project partner

Dr. Meg-John Barker

Meg-John Barker: Senior lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Open University, UK. Co- editor of the Taylor and Francis journal Psychology and Sexuality and editorial board member of five more journals.

Project partner

Dr. Elisabeth Sheff

Elisabeth Sheff: CEO and Director of Legal Services, Sheff Consulting Group. With a background in academic sociology, Dr. Sheff is the foremost expert on polyamorous families with children.

Project partner

Prof. Dr. Ann Tweedy

Ann Tweedy: Associate professor at the Hamline University, US, researches on aspects of gender, sexuality and law with emphasis on legal issues of polyamorous relationships.