Publication 'What's love (not) got to do with it' in 'Proceedings of science'

Stefan Ossmann published in the Open-Access-Journal 'Proceedings of Science' an article titling 'What's love (not) got to do with it. How to pair sexuality- and relationship research with Citizen Science'.

The whole article can be downloaded for free here (Open Access), here the link to the whole issue of the journal.

To quote: Ossmann, Stefan F. (2021). What’s love (not) got to do with it. How to pair sexuality-and relationship research with citizen science. Proceedings of Science, ACSC2020(003), 1-5. Retrieved from


Here the abstract of the article:

Citizen Science is a powerful tool in many aspects, with the potential to change the world to the better. Some research topics are trendy or appear regularly, others are hard to find. And one aspect seems to be missing completely in this participative research approach: Relationship and sexuality. The following paper draws on the potential of citizen science in regards to sexuality research in general, and the long-omitted field of consensual non-monogamous relationships.

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