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Academic definition of polyamory:

"Polyamory describes a form of relationship where it is possible, valid and worthwile to maintain (usually long-term) intimate and sexual relationships with muliple partners simultaneously" (Haritaworn et al., 2006).


Media representation of polyamory in Austrian, German and Swiss newspapers and magazines from the years 2007 to 2016:


"Multilateral emotional relations; denomination to be unfaithful; secret love affairs; love network; being in an institutional emotional relationship with multiple Persons at one time; three-dimensional love; three adults love and live together; multiple love with respect; open love triangle; promiscuity with emotion; inner bond with the third person; poly and amor; man plus woman plus man; an alternative to free and romantic love; physical gain of pleasure; emotional need; dogma of engagement; high complex relationship network; modern idea; fun in external beds; varied, free, casual and sexual fulfilling live; quadrature of the circle; relationship model; more intimacy, joy and emotion; sex; bunga-bunga; construct; pure sexual experience; distribution of sexual affection; refreshment of sexual life; exercised dream of erotic land of plenty; philosophy; chuckolds; way of life; luxury that costs time; political statement; alternative to the system; not swinging and not cheating; movement; form of relationship; cohabitation with more partners simultaneously; balancing act; sexual minority; bias; contemporary form of living together; overcoming possessive mentality; responsibility; major lack of commitment; pederasty, buggery and adultery;  Sodom and Gomorrah; concept operated by thinking; scene with a high proportion of S/M’s; arrangement; splits between faithfulness and debauchery; ethical coexistence; feminist strategy; esoteric drift; universal relationship ethics; future-orientated form of love;  relief of main relationship; not hiding an affair; TV-published propagandised relationship ideal; experiment; (new sexual) revolution; credo; something outside the norm; expedition; conventional cheating with a philosophical superstructure; freedom; open partnership; polygamy by a new name". 


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