A research project by Franz Eder and Stefan Ossmann

Goal: Researching similarities and differences of self-perception and media representation of polyamorous living persons in regards to emotional and sexual history, affiliation with the LGBT-community, social acceptance and the urge of legal and religious recognition.

Project duration: 1st of February 2016 until 31st of Jannuary 2019.

Funding: The Austrian Science Funds (FWF stand-alone project).



May 2018: Open lecture / presetation by Stefan Ossmann at the Department of Gender Studies, Lund University by invitation of Prof. Dr. Jens Rydsröm and at the Department für Sexology and Sexuality Studies at the Universität Malmö (Schweden). 



The first academic article from the project has been published (German only unfortunately):

Ossmann, Stefan F. (2017). Viele Lieben. Zur medialen Repräsentation polyamoröser Beziehungen in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. In L. Nieradzik, Lukasz (Ed.), „Kinship trouble“. Dimensionen des Verwandtschaftmachens in Geschichte und Gegenwart (Vol. 44, pp. 49-84). Wien: Verlag des Instituts für Europäische Ethnologie.

The full article can be downloaded here.