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  • Kreuz und Queer (Blog): What a waste if it would be for one only. Participation for a blog-article at (02/2017)
  • DPA (German Press Agency): Expert interview for Valentine's Day (02/2017)
  • Falter (Austrian weekly newspaper): Me and you and you. The World of Polyamory. Expert interview for the Coverstory (02/2017)
  • GEO Wissen (German science magazine): Love. The dream of happyness together. Interview about polyamory in their special issue on love (11/2016)
  • OKTO TV (TV): Outside the box - Polyamorie. Expert interview in the science television series (10/2016)
  • Ö1 (Radio): Polyamorie: Interview in der radio show Moment - Leben heute (07/2016)
  • Ö1 (Radio): Love between three or four. Interview in the radio show Nachtquartier (06/2016)
  • ORF (Public Austrian Broadcasting Corporation): Love and hate. Program Stöckl. Discussion with Barbara Stöckl, Dagmar Koller, Norbert Blüm, Ingrid Brodnig (05/2016)
  • NEWS (Austrian weekly magazine): Polyamory - Loving more than one. Expert interview for the Coverstory (02/2016)