For details on events that have happened within the project please refer to the links on the right side of the page

  • Klub Irrko Space Night: The probably first polyamory-quiz in the whole world (Performance, 2017/03)
  • 25 Years Equality Team University of Vienna: Polyamory (Poster presentation, 12/2016)
  • European Researchers Night: What does it mean to be polyamorous? (Info-boot and performance, 09/2016)
  • My Research in one Picuture: Polyamory! (Photo competition, 06/2016)
  • Long Night of Research: What is Polyamory? (Research competition, 04/2016)
  • Draw Science Competition: Polyamory (Visual contest, 03/2016)
  • Science Slam Metropol: How queer is my polyamory? (Performance, 09/2015)
  • Strolling throuhg Science: Polyamory - Challenges of multiple relationships (Scientific station, 2015/06)
  • Science Slam 650 Anniversary University of Vienna: Multiple relationships by the knowledge of all involved persons (Performance, 2015/06)